Q and A

* Are you in the photos?


Yes it is me in the photos.


These are recent and without photoshop .


The many photos and videos on my site prove that these are authentic.


My photos are verified and validated by renowned advertising websites (see page "Links").

* Can I have a photo of your face?


I have a beautiful face that I hide for reasons of discretion ... My eyes are almond shaped they are green, my nose is thin, my lips are luscious red, my teeth are perfectly white and aligned.

I am regularly invited to high-end restaurants and social events, hiding my face on the Internet guarantees the confidentiality of the gentlemen I meet ...

* What are your "specialties"?


This question always makes me smile ... Let's say that I particularly like French kiss and oral pleasure ...

* What is the best way to contact you?


The best way to contact me is by eMail or SMS. Once your presentation and appointment request received, we will agree on a time to to have a phone call.

* This is the first time I call an escort, how is it going?


I suggest you to read the "Meeting" section, you will find detailed services there.

Also, during our phone call , do not hesitate to ask me questions, tell me your doubts or others ...

During our meeting, I guarantee you a sweet parenthesis, you will have nothing to do, give me your hand, let you go ...

*Can I ask you to realize a particular fantasy? to wear a particular dress code ?


Yes with pleasure, I offer tailor-made meetings 100% personalized, do not hesitate to let me know your particular desires ...

* Do you accept to travel to another city in France or abroad? do you accept "fly me to you " ?


I will be happy to join you in your city, I travel by invitation for a night, a day or a weekend. This type of trip is subject to conditions ... I will be happy to explain the process to you in order to book a meeting with me ... A 50% deposit is required in order to block the date of our meeting.


* Why is the deposit required?


I am a high class  Courtesan, however I am selective and accept to meet only refined, courteous and serious gentlemen.


My time is precious like yours for that matter ...


I accept to meet only 1 Gentleman per day . 


I accept a very limited number of meetings per month . 


Accepting an appointment with you implies that I refuse an appointment with another gentleman.

The deposit is used to:

- Ensure my safety: dangerous men always refuse to pay a deposit.

- Prove your seriousness.

- Guarantee and Confirm our meeting with sending the address of the appointment.

- Serves as compensation if you cancel at the last minute.

* Do you accept gifts?


I am always charmed and know well when my lover gives me a gift, a suggestion of presents that will make me happy are available in the section: "How to seduce me"?

* What will happen if we meet in a public place?


I value my privacy and respect yours, in this circumstances I expect absolute discretion from you, you can count on mine.


* Do you accept exclusive arrangements?


I can accept to be the exclusive lover of a single partner, this type of arrangement is subject to special conditions ... to be defined together ...

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