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 For demanding and selective Gentlemen…


 Before contacting me, please check my services and rates.

Having a professional activity, I will probably not be able to answer you immediately. In this case, do not hesitate to leave me a message with your first names, telephone number and especially the best time  to join you  or use the contact form which is entirely dedicated to you.

I will answer you as soon as possible with pleasure.

On the other hand , tell me about yourself, your availability, your wishes, your meeting place. Don't hesitate to ask me to help you choose a restaurant , a hotel, or your dress code requests for example.



if you like elegance, anonymity and absolute discretion, then I am made for you ...


Meeting …


Our meetings will be based on an authentic and accomplice exchange. My ideal is a minimum meeting of two hours, or better, a romantic dinner to take time to get to know each other, converse and appreciate the present moment. Then let the magic of our five senses do the rest ...



I receive you in my boudoir: 

In order to guarantee our meeting, a deposit of 10 - 20% is required.

Outcall to your home / hotel:

To guarantee our meeting:


1: A deposit of 10-20% deposit + Uber or Taxi order are required for any trip to the Home or Hotel.

2: I will always call you in your hotel room before traveling.

3: For a trip of a week or more, a deposit of 50% is required in advance, then the rest at the start of the trip.



An unsealed envelope with the amount of my fees will be given to me at the start of our meeting.


The following…


I privilege and make myself quickly available for ongoing relationships like lover and mistress but without taking the lead or reporting ... If you wish, you can contact me well beyond our meeting ... Give me your news ... an sms, a phone call ... It will be really nice to hear from you and keep in touch with you. However, you will never receive an SMS or a call from me without your prior consent.

My philosophy ...

* My time is precious like yours elsewhere, and I reserve it only for the most serious men. Keep in mind that I have other professional activities and that my availability for our meetings is very limited.


* I have little time and only meet very very few men; I therefore reserve the full right to choose my courtiers on personal criteria and not on money.


* My high level of discretion and exclusivity does not require any anxiety on your part regarding the confidentiality of our exchanges.


* My lovers await refinement, appreciate the unique and pursue the unforgettable. If the same is true for you, we can probably agree. I offer you a pure moment of ecstasy and I can assure you that you will leave all your problems behind with me.


* My conditions are non-negotiable.




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